Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

Article by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E., Medical Director of The The Biosanctuary

Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

The Most Effective, Fastest & Safest Way To Eliminate Inflammation &

The Ultimate Adjuvant Treatment For Any Healing Event & Essential For NAD+ Treatment

It’s The Origin Of All Energy!

Hydrogen is essential to every biological process of the body – every single one.  Yet it is one of those invisible things like pesticides and GMOs that most people simply don’t take as serious as they should.

NAD+ IVs are offered in every treatment cycle at The Biosanctuary due to its fundamental necessity to life itself and the efficient functioning of every cell in the body.  NAD comes in two forms NAD+ and NADH (reduced form), and both are equally essential.

While researching ways to even better improve NAD+ uptake and utilization during treatment I came across Hydrogen Inhalation Medicine.  It was a quick and easy find because the first and only step is to reduce NAD+ to NADH which requires just H = hydrogen!

NAD+ and NADH are two closely related agents of the redox system involved in glycolysis, the Krebs Cycle and then the Electron Chain Transport system (3 steps of the creation of ATP – energy – from the mitochondria).

I came across supplementing hydrogen because I wanted an abundance of electrons available to convert more NAD+ to NADH and vice-versa at my clinics, The Biosanctuary (www.ozonetreatmentcenter.com) as both are required in a delicate ratio to achieve the best ATP output and clean-up of the respiration process – ergo, the many medical results people seek.

The electrons required for all redox systems – all biological life forms for that matter – come from hydrogen which we are supposed to be getting from our food and water.  But we’re not anymore, that is why people today everywhere are more acidic and suffering for it than ever before.

Hydrogen is just as important to the production of energy as oxygen is but it gets no attention – yet, it is the hydrogen H+ molecule that actually creates the energy within the mitochondria! We are supposed to be just over 60% hydrogen but I’m sure we come very short as our hydrogen sources are supposed to come from food and water and both are now seriously depleted.  Without the proper levels of oxygen, hydrogen and CO2, nothing downstream (which is the proper synthesis, breakdown, and functioning IN TOTAL of all elements in the body) will work right.

So oxygen comes in from the lungs and IF there is proper pH (hydrogen potential) oxygen will be efficiently introduced into the cells where it meets hydrogen again and a few other elements to produce ATP.  Please note, energy is not just you feeling like you have enough to get out of bed and get through your day with ease, it is required for the proper functioning and detoxification of every cell in your body and if the mitochondria become sluggish due to the absence of its elemental requirements to make energy, every cell in your body will suffer, ergo you and your quality of life.  What should be the alarming fact herein to everyone reading this article, is that a sluggish cell becomes prey to oxidative stress which is the impetus of ALL disease.  If a cell can’t detoxify itself rapidly, oxidative stress will destroy it.

My personal clinical research which now includes 6 months of introducing hydrogen medicine to myself and patients has concluded without a shadow of a doubt and volumes of  both scientific and clinical evidence that hydrogen deficiency must be a critical focus of any metabolic disorder or disease and should be addressed first and foremost.  All oxidative stress conditions will express first inflammation and then mucous which is the body’s way of trying to protect the organ or tissue from assault, before an actual disease sets in.  When this happens oxygen, hydrogen and nutrients are prevented from getting into the cells of the area and waste can not get out.  There you have it… the origin of disease.  So how do we reach them to correct the condition?  Hydrogen.  In fact, in most cases today it is likely the lack of hydrogen combined with toxic assault and malnutrition that started the condition.

As I said, so long as your lungs are working and there is enough hydrogen to provide the electrons necessary for all functions in all biological life forms – and add to that excellent lifestyle and nutrition, biological health operations under the hood have a great foundation.  However, there isn’t enough hydrogen in people today because it is being depleted from our food and water by pollution and food and water processing.  Hydrogen is the most abundant, potent and best delivery system of anti-oxidants! Its molecule is hundreds of times smaller than vitamin C! It can reach deep into the brain and toes.  Very important for everyone suffering neurodegenerative disease or diabetes!

So without enough hydrogen, oxygen nor nutrients getting into the cells the mitochondria can’t produce the energy to keep them alive.  Since everyone is toxic and acidic today unless they know EXACTLY how to take care of themselves, I would say that lack of hydrogen is the number one cause of disease today and the number one reason why it’s so hard for people to recover from illness – if they do.

Bottled water has nowhere near the hydrogen in it the fresh river water we evolved on did.  It’s filtered and acidic! Acidic means no notable hydrogen (where the word hydrate comes from!) and there is little to no minerals in it – the highways which electrons travel.  And the hydrogen that is supposed to be trapped in our produce which our guts are supposed to extract for fuel and all biological systems, all food, including organic (still the only food you should be eating) is exposed to soil and air pollution (chemtrails, industrial, etc…) which means that hydrogen being the antioxidant it is, is going to donate its electron to try and stabilize the free-radical toxins it’s supposed to so there goes your hydrogen from food!

Hydrogen deficiency absolutely must be addressed in all healthcare systems!  We have always taught all of our clients who come in for the 7 day treatment program how to maintain a healthy pH of 7.1 to 7.5 throughout the day.  It’s essential to maintaining the healing and good health you achieve at my clinic.

However, now, after a year of medical and scientific research and witnessing in both myself and my patients’ results in all conditions treated, which would sound like a fairy tale or sales pitch if I listed them, I can honestly say that adding 7% hydrogen inhalation to the high impact biological medicine model has blown our already superior patient outcomes through the roof!

My patients and myself have experienced what I would call miraculous results if I did not understand the science behind what is happening “under the hood”.

Fatigue, brain fog, visual issues, depression, anxiety, low hormones, athletic endurance, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, biotoxin illness, all gut issues – essentially every condition we have treated after implementing hydrogen inhalation to the program has dramatically improved or completely cleared.  Everyone is reporting a huge increase in libido as well.

You can rest assured that I will be writing many more articles about hydrogen, oxygen and CO2 levels being looked at and addressed as the first step in addressing any disease or metabolic disorder.  And this includes addiction (a metabolic disorder).  When hormones and neurotransmitters (nature’s feel goods) start dialing into the healthy levels and one can relax (hydrogen inhalation is very calming and is a great therapy for insomnia), it is a god-send for those in addiction recovery because feeling good inside one’s skin is what it’s all about!

For more information about hydrogen medicine, go to Dr. Sircus’s website.  There is a ton of informatin there and his book, Hydrogen Medicine.  Read the volumes of medical and scientific literature he presents at https://hydrogenmedicine.info– there is also a link to five free chapters of the book there.

Oh, and yes, as far as not only enhancing NAD+ delivery (which we were already the best at by providing PEMF, Glutathione, Meyer’s+, autohemotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen) I achieved my goal of improving the delivery system once again. Not only that, but now that the NAD+ is being drenched in hydrogen, the common discomfort in the heart, gut and brain area is now either gone or so dramatically reduced that it’s insignificant.  The reason for the discomfort (all clinics experience this- I’d imagine ours a lot less due to the adjuvant treatments – but occasionally it would) is because the cells of these organs have hundreds of mitochondria organelles in each of them typically so when a large dose of NAD+ is being introduced to the cell that it can’t convert to NADH (again, the H stands for hydrogen), the NAD+ just “burps” from the mitochondria.  Both uncomfortable and likely a sign that the NAD+ is just going to be broken down instead of actually utilized.  At the very least it is not being efficiently converted and producing the desired medical intent or outcome for the treatment.

I started this article out about how Hydrogen Medicine addresses inflammation. If it hasn’t been made clear already, I will make it so now.  Hydrogen is the most potent antioxidant on the planet, it is also essential for every biological process in the body.  Infusing any inflammation be it systemic or localized with hydrogen will get the cells working again so they can detoxify and provide the energy required of the area to heal.   Considering how my High Impact Biological Medicine model works synergistically like no other clinical or medical treatment strategy, I know of, by holding clients in a 7 day uninterrupted healing event using Ozone Blood Purification (EBOO), High dose Glutathione, C and Nutritional IV medicine, Hyperbaric Chamber, Daily Infrared Sauna, PEMF – Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy, Colonics, Major Autohemotherapy, NAD+ Therapy, Oral Organic Supplementation and Organic Food & Juices, and now Hydrogen Inhalation Medicine, I’m sure you can resonate with why The Biosanctuary is the #1 choice to re-establish and maintain health and vitality no matter what it is you suffer.

Medicine should be practiced as the return to the structural integrity of the biological blueprint or divine design depending if you want to call it out in scientific or spiritual terms.  It’s about thorough detoxification, energizing the body and implementing all the biological elements (starting with the gasses) and in the way of clean and potent nutrition it requires to do the only two things it knows how to do; repair and replicate.  Cells are not programmed for death, it’s the environment that kills them. Epigenetics 101.

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E.

Medical Director,

The Biosanctuary




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