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The Biosanctuary.is the most progressive Biological Medicine retreat in the world. Our team is comprised of passionate licensed healthcare professionals; M.D.’s, N.D.’s, and brilliant biological health scientists that believe in and employ the power of God & Nature in their therapies and processes while holding true to evidence-based scientific standards in Biological Medicine.

Where Cutting Edge Science & Ancient Medicine Meet

Our Signature, Award Winning 7 Day Intensive Treatment Program

The 7 Day BioClear Total Body & Mind Health Optimization Radical Transformation Package

We Do One Treatment Cycle a Month – Contact Us for the Next One!

The BioClear focuses on Biotoxin Illness & Metabolic Disorders which includes all pathogens (viral, bacterial, fungal, mold), and endo / exogenous biological toxic assaults and the diseases they cause such as cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, mental health issues and all diseases of the gut and colon. Adding 3 NAD (nicotinic adenine dinucleotide) brain restorative treatment days

We are specialists in clearing Biotoxin Illness and Environmental Toxicities that are proven to be the impetus of many of today’s epidemic diseases.

The 7 Day BioClear Radical Transformation Package

• Initial evaluation and consultation with Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C. 
• A CORE Detox & Orthomolecular GUT & Biochemistry Restoration individualized detoxification and chelation program protocol.
• Laboratory Testing: G6PD – (Complete Blood Count) measures electrolyte, liver, kidney, bone, cardiac, glucose, and inflammation metabolic markers.
• Corrective Analysis of Laboratory Tests submitted w/ Targeted Nutritional and Adjuvant Therapies recommended.
• 1 EBOO Three Hour Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation Treatment – Ozonates 3 liters of blood
• 5 days Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy
• 3 Days NAD Treatments
• 5 PEMF Treatments (or as many as you can fit in 7 days)
• 7 Infrared Saunas – cleanses the blood and “bleeds” the lymph – excellent for current and former cancer patients
• 3 IV (intravenous) Nutritional Therapies (Meyer’s Plus Cocktails)
• 1 High Dose Vitamin C & Glutathione Drip
• 2 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions
• Superfoods, organic vitamin / mineral / EFAs / enzymes / probiotic supplements, and other medicinals given throughout the day.
• Organic antioxidant and other nutrient rich Smoothies, Ample amounts of Probiotics and Probiotic / Prebiotic Foods, Organic Green Juices, and Bone Broth designed to clear bacteria, fungus and yeast; inflammation and other known conditions which set off the biochemical pathway for many of today’s epidemic diseases.
• Program Materials For The Health Educational Lectures Provided During Treatment

Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation (EBOO) The Ultimate Ozone Therapy

Ozone Blood Dialysis (EBOO)

EBOO Is Preferred Over Drugs & Surgery For Most Of Today’s Epidemic Diseases In Many Countries In Europe

EBOO Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation Kills Pathogens & Produces Health Promoting & Immune Modulating Ozonides Which Work Systemically To Purify, Enrich, and Detox 2 Liters Of Live Blood Over A 2 Hour Treatment. This Treatment Literally Makes Your Blood A Potent Medicine!

EBOO Ozone Blood Purification Therapy is Transforming The Way We Detox Our Patients & The Healing / Disease Curing Capacity of Biological Medicine -It’s a Superior Treatment that Provides Radical Results!

Read the Medical Director’s Article on EBOO Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation Therapy CLICK HERE

Read About the Benefits of EBOO as an Adjuvant Therapy in Treating Cancer CLICK HERE

The 7 Day NeuroClear NAD+ Brain Restorative / Longevity / Neurodegenerative Rejuvenation Package

We Provide A Series Of These Intensive Therapies Every Day For 7 Days To Radically Shift Your Biochemical Terrain & Metabolic Function From Disease To Vibrant Health

Blood going out of the arm and into the ozone chamber is very dark and thick; meaning toxic, low pH, and low oxygen. Blood coming out of the ozone chamber returning to the other arm is visibly healthy, oxygenated, blood free of exo/endogenous bio toxins, viruses, harmful bacteria, etc.

Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation (EBOO, RHP) is The Most Advanced Ozone Treatment Available, Detoxing 3.5 Liters of Your Blood in One Session. It Is The Fast Track To Deep Detox & Blood Cleansing for Disease & Addiction Treatment. Ozone Treatment of the blood kills all pathogens on contact including viruses; yeast, mold and fungal infections, cancer and harmful bacteria known to be the underlying cause of many diseases, metabolic disorders, gut health issues and inflammation.read more about the benefits of EBOO therapy…

10 Pass Ozone Blood Detoxification is an ozone treatment that uses 70mcg of ozone per milliliter of blood delivered to 2.2 liters of blood in 10 passes during the 90 minute treatment. Due to the hyperbaric treatment conditions, a much stronger ozone treatment can be used that is able to go deep into cells.read more
Cells are photosensitive and receive all spectrums of light from the sun. This photosensitivity can also be targeted with specific Laser IV Therapy using a spectrum of light that is beneficial for the condition being treated…read more
NAD is a Brain Function Restorative treatment which was proven by Harvard Medicine to literally reverse the age of the brain in subjects tested. It’s an excellent treatment for neurodegenerative disease… read more
Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy Is The Biological Medicine Breakthrough Of This Century! Hydrogen gas reaches deep into the brain, clearing out toxic endotoxins known to distress cerebral function & cause neurodegenerative disease..read more
Every treatment package includes robust vitamin / mineral infusions as well as high dose vitamin C, Phosphatidylcholine, BPC 157, and glutathione. IV bags can be built to accommodate any health goal such as Optimal Athletic Performance, Liver Rescue or Weight Loss, etc…read more
The VIBE bed from BioHarmonics is a Sound & Field It’s like sleeping with a concert speaker but literally raises transmembrane voltage (chakra strength), balances the PNS & SNS, aligns and smoothes out the chakras, opens up and calms the Vagus nerve, and increases neurochemistry integration in the brain! read more
Colon Hydrotherapy removes accumulated waste that causes disease. CHT dramatically reduces internal toxicity, immediately improving all biological functions, reduces inflammation and pain, promotes better sleep…read more
Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy improves circulation, reduces inflammation, raises transmembrane voltage, improves mitochondria function – it is like putting jumper cables on every cell in your body!…read more
We embody Light, Sound, and Vibration = SOURCE. We use SOURCE in Light, Sound and Vibration framed by God & Nature to cure disease. Disease begins where source is void as energetic food for the cells is absent. Disease disappears when source tuned by sound frequencies and amplified by vibration enters…read more

Founder, Medical Director, and Fractal Environmentalist, Rev. Genita M. Mason LMP, HHP, NC.

“When your work is an outpouring of your spiritual, ethical, family, food, medicine, and environmental core values – your heart is your office” Rev. Genita M. Mason, – Minister, The Church of the Temple – Light Medicine Ministries

The Biosanctuary’s Founder & Medical Director, 2 time award winning, Genita M. Mason L.M.P., H.H.P., N.C., M.H. has developed a Comprehensive Total Body, Heart & Spirit Medical Model employing best practices experienced over 20 years of providing high impact biological medicine that works in a synergistic way, each therapy enhancing the others’ efficacy in promoting the ultimate orthomolecular psycho-physical/spiritual restoration results.
The core value of this medical model is alignment with God & Nature. Health is the word we use when light can through the body unobstructed. Where there is no light, there is no energetic “food” for animated life. All treatments at The Biosanctuary do one simple thing collectively; they re-infuse what we is missing in our energetically denatured environment. The “field” we live in, food, water, air and the stresses of being perceptually fragmented by living in a world created by an egoic illusion in the brain not source from the heart has caused a detachment from the Divine Design which manifests as disease and metabolic disorders.

CLICK HERE to read the Medical Director’s article published in the Bioregulatory Medicine Institutes Magazine, “In Medicine, Follow God & Nature” Showcasing the 8 Root Causes of Disease and the methods resolving them.