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Transformative 7-day retreat blending cutting-edge medical tech for physical healing with diverse energy healing disciplines to elevate, balance, and focus life force energy.

Revitalize your life in a week! Dive into The Bioscantuary's 7-Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle. Experience health and vitality like never before. Ready for the change?

Treatment Package:

The Next 7 Day Treatment Cycle Begins on the following dates:

March 23rd  ~ 29th Sedona, Az

April 6th ~ 12th Lake Conroe, Texas

Integrated Biological & Energy Medicine

The Medicine & The Experience…


Treatments Included
  • 1 10 Pass
  • 7 HOCATT Ozone / Carbonic Acid Saunas
  • 6 NAD Brain Restorative Treatments
  • 12 NAD SubQ Injections
  • 3 Custom Vitamin & Mineral IVs
  • Brain Protective Phosphatidylcholine IVs
  • 3 IV Ultraviolet & IR Fiber Optic IVs
  • 2 Reiki Sessions
  • 2 Colonics
  • 5 PEMF CellWell Pulse Electric Magnetic Frequency Treatments
  • 5 Medical Grade Hydrogen Sessions
  • 5 Bioharmonics VIBE Bed
  • High Dose Antioxidant IVs
  • Organic Food & Superfood Nutritional Supplementation
  • Education / Lectures
  • Ongoing Targeted Nutritional Therapy Protocol
  • 30 Day Post Treatment Support

What Do You Experience During The Bioscantuary’s 7 Day Treatment Cycles?

An In-Depth Review of What You Experience During The 7 Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle – A True Comprehensive Hippocrates of Old Approach to Health & Vitality!

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About The Biosanctuary

We Use Bio-Well Gas Discharge Kirlian Live Bioenergetic Photography to Identify Problem Areas & Monitor Your Progress

Bio-Well is an Electro-Photonic Imaging Device (Gas Discharge Visualization technique-Kirlian effect), made for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person’s energy flow, amplitude, and balance. It serves as an incredibly useful in identifying areas during your intake into the retreat to be focused on that you may not even know of yet, and as a tool to monitor your progress during treatment. Interpretation of the scans is based on Acupuncture meridian flow, Auyervedic and many scientific and clinical evidence-based bioenergetic presence data gathered through the years. There is no better evaluation tool for a medical model based on light / energy transfer (and blocks) in amplitude, balance, alignment, and focus than a system that monitors all of those onsite!

Meet The Medical Directors

Genita M. Mason

Cynthia Ritchie

Usui Reiki Master, certified Holograhpic Sound Healing Practitioner and Teacher, Hypnosis Regression Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist

Biological Medicine


Join Us For a State-of-Art and Science 7 Day Integrated Biological & Energy Medicine Radical Transformation & Health Optimization Retreat

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Discover Revolutionary Medicine, bridging science with ancient wisdom. Join our 7-Day Retreat for evidence-based treatments, blending physical and energy medicine to achieve optimal health.

Genita Mason Books

The Science of Weight Loss: Detoxification - Rebuilding the Microbiome

by Genita M. Mason Ecclesiastic LMP, H.H.C., N.C.,  American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB)
The Science of Weight Loss (SOWL) covers the modern day causes of gaining excess weight and not being able to lose it regardless of diet and exercise.

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Revitalize your life in a week! Dive into The Bioscantuary's 7-Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle. Experience health and vitality like never before. Ready for the change?

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    The BioSource Medicine Newsletter

    The Cutting Edge Integrated Biological & Energy Medicine Medical Model

    The "BioSource" Integrated Biological & Energy Medical Model covers cutting edge improvements and discoveries in the field of BioSource Medicine, provides DIY treatment guidance, and the evidence-based science behind the medical model that has not only produced total healing events for patients with a wide range of health issues, diseases and metabolic disorders, but also is used by students of the program to attain greater spiritual awareness and ascended mindfulness while still on earth!


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