Proof Mold & Biotoxins Gone in 7 Days!

Mold, Fungus, Yeast, & Gut Dysbiosis Gone in 7 Days!

Below are before and after test results of a client that came in with a serious systemic mold infection. It was so serious, that he actually had small patches of green fuzz growing around his trunk section. He signed up for the BioClear program, did it with fervor, and the results below speak for themselves.

Gut & Metabolic Test

Every Aspect of Health Including Your Immune System Starts in the Gut

Mycotoxicity Lab Results

Shows Systemic Mold Infection Gone in 7 Days!Systemic “Black Mold” Infection. This particular mold attacks the nervous system (can cause anxiety, insomnia, excessive worry) and the kidneys. This particular client had patches of it growing from his skin. Many times mold and fungal infections are seen beneath the nails.

Toxic Environmental Chemicals

Lab Results Show Carcinogenic, Neurotoxic & Endocrine Disruptor Load – Extreme Oxidative StressGone in 7 Days!Extremely toxic levels of MTBE. This client was not consistent in using a full proof water filter like Berkey (see Mike Adam’s (Health Ranger) video review of water tests of all available water filtration systems and you’ll find out why we’ve been promoting the use of Berkey for over 10 years. This client is also carrying extremely toxic loads of environmental and food toxicants that are linked to cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Autoimmune Disease, Hormone Imbalance and / or diminished synthesis, and kidney, prostate, liver and pancreatic disease and malfunction.

Clear it All In 7 Days!

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