The BioSource Medical Model

BioSource Integrated Medicine
A Revolutionary Integrated Biological & Energy Medicine Medical Model

The BioSource Medical Human Optimization & Radical Transformation 7 Day Retreats

Creating the Best Possible Health By Integrating Biological & Energy Medicine
While adding educational lectures during the retreat on how to maintain true health in today’s challenging times in all aspects of food, water, energy and stress and Organic Targeted Nutritional Therapies including explicit instructions and protocols for diet and superfood organic supplementation for each individual to leave with to maintain the optimized health they achieve and progress from there in the daily practice of enjoying the excellent health that delivers a quality life!

Revolutionize Your Health: Explore our Integrated Bio-Energy Medicine for a new era in wellness!

Detox & Orthomolecular Rehabilitation of the Elements

The 9 Root Causes of Disease and How We Make Them Disappear

  1. Toxic “Off Channel” Energy in the field
  2. Oxidative Stress
  3. Toxic Colon
  4. Dehydration
  5. Malnutrition
  6. Low Transmembrane Voltage
  7. Inflammation
  8. The Gases: Oxygen Deficiency and Hydrogen Deficiency
  9. Sunlight Deficiency
The Biosanctuary addresses the 9 Root Causes of Disease and Metabolic Disorders in an intensive 7 day Bio-Logical Human Optimization Medical Model where each treatment works synergistically with the others to correct these root causes.
Oxidative Stress

Deep Detoxification treatments

Toxic Colon
Low Transmembrane Voltage
The Gases: Oxygen and Hydrogen Deficiency
Sunlight Deficiency

Revolutionize Your Health: Explore our Integrated Bio-Energy Medicine for a new era in wellness!

Energy Medicine that Ties it All Together
Energy medicine is like the channel selector for a radio, the practitioner channels the frequency required to bring off channel bioenergetics into alignment with the person’s Light Body frequencies.

Energy Medicine- Introduces the frequencies required for bio/neurochemical bioenergetics (operation of cells) to align in constructive interference to create a clear channel between your DNA/ Light Body and Source.

Making the soil rich (healthy functioning of the elements) helps the energy and frequencies the Energy Medicine practitioner introduces get into the cells and re-entrain their frequencies in alignment with and to be a clear channel between Light Body – Source connection. When cells are polluted and struggling, their receptors are off channel and blocked and they will reject energy from the practitioner as they are not aligned with their Source instructions and instead self-expressing chaos (off channel).

Mindfulness Medicine- Daily Spiritual practice connects you to source which helps you to make the right decisions in life’s daily routines that support the oneness in body, mind and spirit. Adherence with the Universal Frequency of Love through Spiritual PRACTICE – Mindfulness in Medicine supports the daily choices to create a Chronic Wellness Lifestyle from a Chronic Illness Lifestyle in thought, emotion, and diet as well as the environments you choose to expose yourself to.

A large percentage of everyone that comes in as a result of chronic conditions, diet and lifestyle that caused what they have. We teach you how to be chronically well. This includes those with mold and lyme infections! Mold and Lyme infections are epidemic today in large part because of a sick gut and compromised immune system that could not fight off the initial exposure to the toxin.
Since the gut is 35 feet of you on average, which is a huge percentage of your body mass, and because everyone that comes in has a toxic gut condition to varying degrees, we have you stay on a one-month program after clearing all or most of your dysbiosis and infections in the gut by putting you on a 30 day post program.
We provide a thorough education and treatment packet instructing you how to eat, what to eat and drink and when to eat.
Food ethics are just as important at what foods you eat.
People eat too much, too often, furthering the toxic load on the body and expending more energy it doesn’t have to digest it all day. The result of how people eat today is causing them to lose energy as opposed to improving it.
When it comes to food intake, education is the best medicine.
Everyone Leaves with a Targeted Nutritional Therapy
The foundational supplemental protocol I have developed over the 20 years of being in practice ensures that you are nutritionally complete daily so that your protein machine has all the elements it requires for repair and replication.
All elements in our protocols are organic; derived from and carries the frequencies that resonate with the universal laws of health defined by the ability to allow light through.

Let’s get to work!

In service we shine,

Genita M. Mason LMP, HHP, NC
Medical Director
The Biosasnctuary

Revolutionize Your Health: Explore our Integrated Bio-Energy Medicine for a new era in wellness!

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