An Excellent Aloe Vera Tonic

Genita M. Mason, plays Julia Child of Ecstatic Health for healing tonics she uses and is sharing at The Biosanctuary with Clients.

An Excellent Aloe Vera Tonic, Especially During Fasting, To Help Clear Mold, Fungus, Yeast and Bacterial Dysbiosis in the Gut

The ingredients include hydrogen water, raw Aloe vera, salt and lemon including the rind.

Aloe Vera is strong medical plant when used in its raw form.

Aloe literally address most all of the 9 root causes of the disease – all but one, which is sunlight deficiency!

Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory – nearly everyone has gut inflammation today due to biotoxin illness primarily from dead diets, dead water, pesticides and antibiotics. Inflammation blocks nutrients, hydration, immune factors from getting in, and oxidative stress from getting out. Prime real estate for disease to manifest.

Inflammation is considered a wound at certain stages because it can cause mild bleeding that you would never see when in the gut.  Aloe vera can help “seal” the holes that bad diet and specifically BT corn can cause; ergo, helps heal Leaky Gut Syndrome and calms inflammation tissue.

Aloe vera is an anti-bacterial – kills the harmful bacteria.  People are now dying from “unknown” bacterial infections which this healthcare practitioner understands are coming from the gut from eating GMO foods which create unknown bacteria in the gut for which our immune systems have no files. 

Aloe vera kills mold, yeast and fungus in the gut.

Aloe vera is an excellent gut anti-bacterial specifically for bacterial dysbiosis of which 90% of the population seems to have.  I’ve come up with this number because I have not seen a clean gut in an incoming patient for over two years so I’m saying 90% to try and stay as reasonable as possible. I haven’t tested the entire country.

Aloe vera is an excellent anti-bacterial for the gut! Especially while water fasting!

Aloe vera is an anti-viral.  I need not say more on this sensitive subject. Since viruses manifest from a gut (including the flora of saliva that feeds your tonsils) unable to stop them in their tracks upon entry, they have a prime area to manifest.

Aloe vera is an antiseptic making it an excellent tonic for the gut as antiseptics are able to kill a wide range of harmful micro-organisms including those found in mold, yeast and fungus.

And for those of you that like Margarita’s, you can put the salt on the rim and it tastes like one! Okay, maybe a bad one but you can pretend!

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