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It’s Not Allopathic & It’s Not Naturopathic… It’s

High Impact Biological Medicine

Article By Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., FE

Having never been in a hospital or clinic since I was 20 (now 58) – once for breaking my arm roller skating and once for strep throat which was the first and last time I had taken an antibiotic and that was in 1977 which amounted to a shot of penicillin and a prescription which I threw in the trash on my way to a concert that night, I was appalled by what I experienced 4 years ago when testing out NAD therapy on myself before offering it at The Biosanctuary after a year’s research.

Because my nurse was on vacation and I only had a short period of time to take off work at the clinic, I opted to go to a clinic for the NAD treatment.  For 1,000.00 USD a day, I was put on a 6 to 8 hour drip in a recliner chair with a television in front of me.  That’s it.

Because I knew to detox before treatment and what to take in organic supplements and eat during treatment to enhance the health effects of the treatment and get the best of my 5,000.00 USD investment, I was served well.  The 5 day treatment made noticeable improvements in my cognition and athletic performance. However, I was left with much to desire from my very superficial experience – which would have certainly not been such a great health experience had I not known what to do to make it so.  The mice that Harvard ran the clinical trials on were not addicts, did not eat at fast food joints, and were never exposed to the environmental atrocities we are daily.  Yes, the trials demonstrated a two to three decade reversal in brain aging and return of function in human years but to get those kind of results you need to reconstruct the conditions of the experiments!

Also, it was not a health deal breaker for me because I was healthy simply wanting to get healthier. Most people that come to the point of paying that much out of pocket for a treatment are in serious need of the very well-established benefits of NAD. And to think that these people pay that much to sit in a chair and…

1: Are not instructed in how to prepare for treatment

2: Are not provided a treatment enhancing dietary and oral supplementation protocol

3: Are not taught how to maintain and improve on the healthy benefits they received during their treatment and how to continue to reverse and hopefully one day totally resolve the condition that brought them there.

This is what we do at my clinic and always have so this “silver bullet” superficial process baffled me with a heavy feeling of disappointment because I know that if the conditions that caused the problem are not resolved at their root, the symptoms that the NAD cleared and the health benefits will be short lived.

Is it really the way it is everywhere else out there?  Yes, unfortunately, I’ve learned it is.

Alternative Medicine is by and large run by the same short-sighted and small-minded Newtonian medical model allopathic medicine is.  Treat JUST the “condition”, not the terrain or “system” that created it.  This is a “disease management” model, not a curative one, which involves a truly comprehensive model treating the health issue systemically from all angles which can provide a long and vibrant healthy life.

What  We Do At The The Biosanctuary Alternative Medical Clinic

For less than you would pay for these “silver bullet” or “silver bullshit” treatments, we provide a comprehensive treatment strategy that focuses on all the key systems of health that must work together to change the “terrain” or ecosystem of the body to one creating disease to one eliminating disease.  You could call what we do, Chemical Surgery.  There is a disease friendly biological environment and there is a disease unfriendly (or healthy) environment you can create where disease cannot survive.

Biological Medicine is based on the uncompromising needs of the body which are a result of eons of evolution that produced what we are and how we function today. In today’s world when those basic necessities are not being robbed from us, they are being poisoned.  Food, water, “medicine”, air, hygiene products; most ALL products are pure poison which also deplete what little of the basics we get today in the body’s attempt to metabolize and expell them.  I’m sure you’ve heard this a hundred times, but it is exactly why diseases you rarely heard of 50 years ago is now epidemic with new diseases emerging at alarming rates yearly.  Your body, like your car, cannot run without the parts it left the factory with.

A Horrifying Start In Life Targeting Children For Early Disease

Consider this, your immune systems starts as you travel down the birth canal and are exposed to your mom’s (hopefully) healthy bacteria flora; when you are C-sectioned, you don’t even get to start with that and you are born into a very toxic world immune-compromised. Then if mom doesn’t breast feed, you are in real trouble.  Then, if that isn’t bad enough, look at what our beautiful little creatures get to start life with:

This is insane! There is not one living nutritive substance in this formula and even the vitamins are petroleum byproducts! The corn syrup and soy are GMO – My God, has the human race lost it’s mind? It should be illegal for this to be sold as a baby formula because it takes criminal advantage of those that do not know better and ushers babies into a short life riddled with health issues.

Biological Medicine is fundamentally about being biological and not chemical and recreating to the best of our ability the nutritive and energetic elements mandated by evolution that create health simply because they are the instruments, that together, create the orchestra of energy and chemistry that animates our lives and allows spirit to flow through us unobstructed. And don’t forget: your ever-loving heart energy is the conductor!

There Are 5 Fundamental Needs Of The Body Which Makes Up Basic Biological Medicine

They are all required so the list does not necessarily denote importance, however, you will die without oxygen in minutes; water in about a week, and food at best a month.  Lack of sunlight will make you wish you were dead, and yes, insulation from geomagnetic frequencies will kill you within weeks as well. While we are rarely ever completely insulated, lifestyle determines how much exposure you get to GeoEMFs and therefor embeds an expected level of health you’ll experience.

Oxygen / Hydrogen – Yes, quality of air is important. However, these should also be present in food and water.

Water – correct pH and perfectly balanced mineralized water (similar to the river water we evolved on) There is an intracellular and extracellular “difference of potential” or chemical charges that must be achieved by electrolytes and minerals to open the ion gates of cells to receive water. If this does not happen, you are not hydrating! I don’t care how alkalizing your water is!

Proper Nutrition – Not just what you do or don’t eat but how and when you eat. The Hunza People of Pakistan live on average 120 to 150. They live and eat as they did a thousand years ago.  There are not chemicals in their food or water. They fast for three months a year on apricot juice. They also have the most diverse beneficial gut bacteria found on earth. In fact, they have thousands of strains we probably once had but are absent in modern day man.

Sunlight – yes, devil in the eyes of modern medicine yet sustenance of all life on earth since the beginning of time: she who grows our food, nourishes our bodies, provides the means to visually enjoy this precious life; the fundamental energy of all life on earth, that big ball that we cannot exist without was never a cancer problem until we started becoming biped landfills.  Toss the chemicals and get back in the sun!

Heart Energy – Feed your passions and desires with actions aligned with them. Go to bed at night with that smile on your face that you spent even five minutes during the day feeding your dream/s. The energy that comes from your heart drives the intelligence of every cell in your body – when the heart is happy your health couldn’t be better.

GeoEMF Energy – Practicing ways to improve your exposure to the geomagnetic frequencies of the planet that are being depleted as quickly as the soil is today will improve your health and enjoyment of life exponentially!

High Impact Biological Medicine Therapies

High Impact Biological Medicine which is what I call what myself and real doctors (and other biologically reverent practitioners) practiced before Big Pharma took over the medical schools is focused on first, making sure that all the requirements of health are nurtured while providing key treatments that expedite the healing process- all of which work with the body’s own healing intelligence. When the basics are present and functioning, any therapy provided is going to have a much more profound effect- and a sustainable one.  Biological Medicine essentially awakens The Physician Within.

Key High Impact Biological Medicine Practices

  • Deep Detoxification & Biological Restoration
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Oral Oxidative Therapy
  • Ancient
  • PEMF
  • IV Nutritional & Antioxidant Therapy
  • Complex Soil Based Probiotics & Prebiotics to increase colonization
  • Natural Immune System Enhancers
  • Natural Vasodilators
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • pH Correction

In Part ll of this article, I will go into great detail as to how, once the Basic Biological Foundations for health are established, these High Impact Biological Medicine treatments can provide you the best chance you could hope for to cure any disease.

All of them, Aligned with Nature & Supported By Science… but who cares about science… you cannot improve on God & Nature!

In Service We Shine,


Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., Fe

Medical Director, The Biosanctuary

https://testing.tarikatech.com/ (877) 285.9266

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