Turbocharge Your NAD Therapy with Hydrogen Inhalation

Turbocharge Your NAD Therapy:

Discover What Happens When You Add Hydrogen Inhalation





NAD therapy delivers a range of truly amazing health benefits that are becoming better known as this therapy becomes increasingly popular and widespread due to its astounding medical effects. Even better news is that you can further turbocharge the results of your NAD therapy by adding hydrogen inhalation therapy – and that is exactly what we do at The Arc Ozone Treatment Centre to ensure you get the best NAD therapy results possible.

In this article, we take a look at all the many benefits of NAD therapy, find out what exactly what hydrogen inhalation therapy is and discover what happens when you combine hydrogen inhalation therapy with your NAD therapy.


The Benefits of NAD Therapy

NAD is a molecule that is absolutely vital for good health. Unfortunately, with today’s modern toxic lifestyles, our levels of NAD are significantly depleted, and this is further exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse and advancing age.

Without enough NAD, the body’s cells cannot produce the energy they need to function and maintain a state of good health. The result is that the operations of the cells slow down until eventually they die.

As the operations of the cells slow down, symptoms arise such as “fog brain”, inability to focus, general fatigue, losing ambition, aspiration and inspiration for life, laziness, and disinterest in things once loved. A chronic NAD deficiency results in a metabolic energy deficiency called a NAD Energy Deficiency (NED), which means the body has insufficient metabolic energy on a cellular level to sustain and animate life. NED mostly manifests itself as chronic fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, substance abuse, depression, stress, anxiety and various other chronic illnesses. After a period, actual diseases and metabolic disorders will begin to manifest.

One of the greatest benefits of sufficient NAD in your body is that the cells are able to protect themselves, and are also able to repair, replicate, efficiently utilize nutrients and remove waste or detoxify. NAD therapy also improves all cellular communication. All of this means vastly improved health.


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NAD therapy further has a proven record for healing the damage to the body and brain caused by long-term stress, drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins. It is considered an excellent adjuvant cancer treatment when combined with ozone or oxygenation treatments and has a proven clinical record for dramatically improving neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

NAD therapy also protects the brain from aging and even reverses cerebral aging. Because NAD stimulates nitric oxide production, it improves blood flow in the body and this is essential for healthy brain function. Correct NAD levels further supports neurotransmitter synthesis and transfer of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline, preventing mental health issues. NAD therapy also reduces brain inflammation and, when diet is corrected, can eliminate brain inflammation.

NAD therapy is also known to strengthen the immune system, while relieving depression, anxiety and fatigue, and improving sleep. Increased NAD-dependent sirtuin activity can further help increase metabolism, decrease inflammation, extend cell life, and prevent neurodegeneration. NAD therapy also improves physical performance and stamina, reverses insulin resistance and quickly establishes healthy blood sugar regulation when diet is corrected.

NAD therapy protects and repairs DNA, and reduces DNA mutations caused by age, chronic bioaccumulation of biotoxins, drug/alcohol abuse, improper diet, stress and other lifestyle issues.

NAD therapy, not surprisingly given all these health benefits, also has a proven track record of relieving the symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction, enabling those recovering from addictions to follow through with minimal discomfort.


Even with all these amazing benefits of NAD therapy, at The Arc Ozone Treatment Centre we further boost the health results you get from your NAD therapy by adding hydrogen inhalation to your treatment.

What is Hydrogen Inhalation?

Hydrogen inhalation is the most effective, fastest and safest way to eliminate inflammation, increase energy, boost the immune system, and initiate and support systemic healing events. It is the ultimate adjuvant treatment for any healing event and essential for NAD therapy.

Hydrogen is also essential to every single biological process of the body. It is also the most abundant, potent and best delivery system of antioxidants. Because it is hundreds of times smaller than, for example, vitamin C, it can reach deep into the tissues of the body from your brain to your toes. We should be getting the hydrogen we need from our food and water, but today these sources are seriously depleted. The lack of hydrogen in our bodies, combined with toxic assault and malnutrition, creates an environment for disease.

Volumes of both scientific and clinical evidence indicate that hydrogen inhalation should be the first step in addressing any disease or metabolic disorder, including addiction. It is very calming, a great therapy for insomnia and also a great relief for those in addiction recovery.

How Does Hydrogen Inhalation Impact NAD Therapy?

Hydrogen inhalation on its own is already a powerful medicine. One could call the results of hydrogen inhalation miraculous if the science behind the healing properties of hydrogen was not so well understood.

Hydrogen inhalation addresses conditions ranging from fatigue, brain fog, visual issues, depression and anxiety, to low hormones, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, biotoxin illness and all gut issues. Patients also report a huge increase in libido and athletic endurance as well. In fact, after implementing hydrogen inhalation therapy at The Biosanctuary Alternative Healthcare Clinic & Spa, essentially every condition we have treated has dramatically improved or completely cleared.

Adding Professional Medical Grade Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy to your NAD therapy also has specific benefits.

NAD comes in two forms NAD+ and NADH (H = hydrogen), and both are equally essential. Often, when a large dose of NAD+ is being introduced to the cell and it can’t convert to NADH (H = hydrogen), the NAD+ is simply “burped” from the cell – an uncomfortable experience and likely a sign that the NAD+ is not actually utilized and won’t produce the desired results. Drenching the NAD+ in hydrogen relieves the common discomfort in the heart, gut and brain area that is often experienced when NAD therapy is provided as a stand-alone treatment.

For this reason, and for its astounding health benefits, you also receive 5 days of Professional Medical Grade Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy, alternating with your NAD therapy, when you join us for a 7-day uninterrupted healing event at The Biosanctuary Alternative Healthcare Clinic & Spa.

In fact, we also add several other turbocharges with your 5 NAD therapies at The Biosanctuary, in addition to your 5 Hydrogen Inhalation therapies, such as Ozone Blood Purification (EBOO), High Dose Glutathione, C and Nutritional IV medicine, Hyperbaric Chamber, Daily Infrared Sauna, PEMF – Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy, Colonics, Major Autohemotherapy, Oral Organic Supplementation and Organic Food & Juices. EBOO – Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation & Ozonation – in particular, is another powerful therapy to turbocharge your NAD therapy.

All these powerful additional treatments at The Biosanctuary Alternative Healthcare Clinic & Spa will significantly boost the effectiveness of your NAD therapy and improve your NAD therapy results.

For this reason, we believe that The Biosanctuary Alternative Healthcare Clinic & Spa is your number 1 choice for re-establishing and maintaining health and vitality through NAD therapy turbocharged with hydrogen inhalation therapy.

We invite you to find out more by simply contacting us here or phoning us on (877) 285.9266 to schedule a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation during which we will gladly answer your questions and schedule your turbocharged NAD therapy.

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