The Benefits Of Pulse ElectroMagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Therapy


It is the flow of electrons through a chemical medium, such as the human body, that creates and sustains animated life. The instruction for the clean line of electron transport through the cells comes from the natural pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) our earth produces.

The pulsed EMF is as essential as sunshine, oxygen, water, and food. Our bodies simply convert this field of energy into another form of energy. Without it, the cells lose energy or voltage, resulting in loss of quality of life, disease, metabolic disorders including weight gain, discomfort and extremely early mortality rates.

These electromagnetic fields are so important to life itself, and to the wellbeing of organisms that depend on it, that NASA equips their spacecraft with PEMF generators. It was a lesson learned the hard way, as many of the original astronauts came back to earth very sick, in wasting mode and with a significantly decreased expected life span.

The earth continuously emits pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF). The Schuman and the Geomagnetic Frequencies are the earth’s natural EMF output range of 0-30Hz. The Schuman frequencies come from above, and the Geomagnetic Frequencies from below.

Our bodies have biological antennas that tune into the subtle intensity frequencies they were designed for. It is as if the cell considers the natural earth’s ranges of frequency and intensity as energetic “food”.

Our bodies’ cells respond best to frequencies from 0 to 30Hz – the earth’s natural EMF output range. The brain also runs from 0-30Hz; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta. In fact, the brain’s alpha waves, which are the very relaxed yet conscious brain states, are identical to the Shuman frequency.

Due to industrial, chemical, electronic, agricultural and other forms of pollution over the last 200 years, the earth’s EMFs have been reduced. Simultaneously modern lifestyles reduce our ability to deeply absorb the EMFs into our cells. This means that the life sustaining magnetic influence required by each and every one of your cells cannot penetrate the body as deeply as required, leaving you vulnerable to disease and metabolic disorders.

These earth’s natural EMF output range of frequencies from 0 to 30Hz, supplemented by a PEMF generator, will literally tune up your bioenergetics by creating a harmonic resonance within the cells.  The cells receive these frequencies which unlocks the innate, natural ability and “wisdom of the cells”.

Cells are literally miniature batteries. When cellular voltage drops below 60 – 65, the onset of disease manifests, usually first a metabolic disorder. As voltage continues to drop, the metabolic disorder will progress to disease.

The heart’s cells output approximately 120mv, which is why heart cancer does not exist. All other healthy cells will emit about 70mv. PEMF therapy will raise the voltage of each cell, essentially recharging your cells.

How PEMF Recharges Your Cells

  • Recharges Transmembrane Potential (TMP)
  • Increases ATP Production in the Mitochondria
  • Enhances The Sodium Potassium Pump
  • Increases Cellular pH – Alkalizes
  • Improves Oxygenation of the Cells
  • Lowers Blood Viscosity & Improves Circulation
  • Creates a Healthy Level of Electroporation

PEMF Signal Characteristics

  • Frequency (0-30 Hz)
  • Amplitude / Intensity (0-100 uT), measured in Tesla or Gauss – The earth’s static Electromagnetic Field is 33 – 66 uT. The Schuman Resonance is 1 Picotesla. Our bodies need only 1-20 uT for maximum benefit.
  • Waveform – NASA research indicates the best waveform is a rapid rise and fall one such as the squarewave for healing and regeneration, the sawtooth for delivering bundles of various frequencies simultaneously, and the squarewave for breaking up cycles of pain as well as healing and regeneration.
  • Timing – The timing depends on biorhythms, determined by time of day.

Increasing Natural Schuman and Geomagnetic PEMF Absorption

  • Get outside more
  • Sit and lie down on the grass, sand or ground as often as possible
  • Walk barefoot as often as possible, connecting your body to the grounding potential of the earth
  • Eat high energy foods such as fresh vegetables
  • Take Omega 3s which easily convert to health fatty acids for building of healthy tissues
  • Exercise to detox
  • Get plenty of sleep, which is a way of recharging the cells because EMFs can penetrate deeper when the cells are relaxed and receptive
  • Watch your thoughts, which can also block penetration of EMFs
  • Minimize electrosmog in your home

How to Clear Your House from Electrosmog

The most dangerous form of “electrosmog” is the 60Hz coming off of power lines and appliances in your house.

  • Remove cordless phones
  • Minimize cell phone usage
  • Turn wifi off when not using it
  • Replace compact fluorescent light bulbs with incandescent
  • Avoid high EMF appliances like microwaves
  • Don’t use cordless baby alarms
  • Avoid water beds, electric blankets and alarm clocks
  • Don’t live near cell phone or electrical towers
  • Opt out of Smart Meter installation

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