EBOO PEMF Cancer Treatment


Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation (EBOO) And Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy ~ The Most Potent \”Two Punch\” Treatment For Cancer



The Most Progressive Evidence-Supported Alternative Cancer Treatment



Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) & Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation (EBOO)


The most progressive cancer treatment today involves PEMF & EBOO. It is a “two punch” approach. Of course a nutritional ketosis diet is required which minimizes carbohydrates and is high in healthy fats.

This helps starve cancer out as glucose from sugars and carbs is the fundamental energy source in aerobic glycolysis which is cancer’s mechanism for harvesting energy.

And because the reason that made the biological environment of the body friendly to cancer growth, many adjuvant therapies are required as well, such as nutritional IVs, slow drip vitamin C, ozonated saline in between EBOO treatments, immune support including GmMaf and Beta Glucans, colonics, and exercise.

Raising pH through the use of Sodium Bicarbonate instantly raises carbon dioxide, which raises oxygen transport and delivery as well. All of these methods should be implemented in a treatment strategy to ensure the best possible cancer treatment strategy and results.

Hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions make cells vulnerable to cancer because if a cell cannot get the oxygen it needs for the mitochondria to produce ATP for energy then it will seek out any source of energy it can to survive and in cancer’s case it is “aerobic glycolysis”.

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Aerobic glycolysis converts glucose to lactic acid. However, upregulation of glycolysis for energy leads to acidosis which requires the cell to evolve into a phenotype resistant to acid induced cell toxicity. Subsequent cell populations with upregulated glycolysis and acid resistance have a powerful growth advantage, which promotes unconstrained replication and invasion.

Extracorporeal Blood ozonation and oxygenation (EBOO) is an excellent way of flooding the body with oxygen, killing cancer cells as well as all other pathogens such as bacterial and viral infections, mold, yeast, fungus and anything else that may be taxing the body’s ability through immune and other biosystems to fight the cancer.

Hypoxia plays a huge role in cancer progression. Important regulatory molecules are decreased which lead to increased cancer cell replication. Down regulation of the enzymes Drosha & Dicer necessary for producing microRNAs which regulate a variety of genes plays a key role in the progression of cancer.

It is a deficiency in oxygen which reduces the transmembrane voltage potential that makes the cell vulnerable to cancer. We know this is an absolute for many reasons, but the first one on the list is because the heart is the only organ in the body that operates at 120 volts and heart cancer is extremely rare.

Monitoring and managing pH is an excellent way of introducing oxygen into the cells as well as a neutral 7.4 to slightly alkaline 8 will improve oxygen uptake and reduce the acidic output of cancer cells.

PEMF Therapy’s Contribution to Cancer Treatment

Pulsating magnetic fields cause a dramatic intra and extra cellular increase of ion exchange which improves oxygen utilization providing the means for the cell to correct the conditions which cause cancer.

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is an excellent and effective therapy for cancer because it boosts function and numbers of fading mitochondria (energy power plants of the cell) in cancer cells, dramatically improving oxygen delivery and oxygen / glucose conversion. In the absence of sufficient glucose the cell, with adequate oxygen, will convert to burning fat which is even cleaner than burning carbohydrates in healthy individuals.

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is the procedure of applying pulsed magnetic fields and electric signals into the body / cells in order to achieve a specific health regenerative response.

PEMF therapy is like putting jumper cables on each of your cells, which actually do work exactly like battery cells. There is a positive (proton) and negative (electron) property of each cell. This treatment literally recharges the entire body and the transmembrane voltage of each cell. This systemically increases the performance of each cell.

Low cellular voltage resulting from hypoxia due to lack exercise, bad diet, nutrient deficiency, or toxic overload is the byproduct of low oxygen that makes cells vulnerable to cancer. If a cell cannot get the oxygen it needs for the mitochondria to produce ATP for energy then it will seek out any form of energy it can to survive and in cancer’s case it is “aerobic glycolysis”. In a hypoxic, low oxygen state, cells will turn to converting glucose to lactic acid. However, upregulation of glycolysis for energy leads to acidosis which requires the cell to evolve into a phenotype resistant to acid induced cell toxicity. Subsequent cell populations with upregulated glycolysis and acid resistance have a powerful growth advantage, which promotes unconstrained replication and invasion.

EBOO combined with PEMF is a method of flooding the body with oxygen, boosting the immune system, and raising the transmembrane voltage of cells which also forces cellular activity. An hour of PEMF therapy has been tested to be equivalent to about the same in exercise which forces cellular respiration that provides energy to the body. Providing energy wakes up all the fading biochemical processes that sustain life including the immune system and draws the cell away from aerobic glycolysis.

When going after certain pathogenic organisms, you can manipulate the output of the PEMF machine (providing you have one with that feature) to harmonically resonate with that organism which will destroy it. PEMF is absolutely an excellent adjuvant treatment for cancer, mold, fungus, virus, bacteria, and yeast infections. PEMF is also a very good treatment for toxic metal overload. For obvious reasons, a magnetic resonance is capable of extracting heavy metals from cells so that they may “meet” the awaiting chelator that will bind to it and prepare it for elimination from the system via lymph, kidneys or bowels.

While providing Extracorporeal Blood ozonation and oxygenation (EBOO) which will flood the body with the benefits of ozone and oxygen, PEMF therapy improves the transmembrane voltage which makes the cell more efficient at producing ATP and delivering oxygen throughout the body. PEMF therapy improves metabolism, and increases blood flow by dilating micro capillaries. This improves nutrient and oxygen delivery throughout the body which will not only help kill cancer but will create an unfriendly environment for it, dramatically reducing potential for further growth or metastasis.

When correctly applied, it will emulate the geomagnetic frequency of the planet or harmonic values thereof. This is important because the cells of the body are tuned to the natural geomagnetic baseline frequency of 7.83 Hz. Using this frequency during PEMF treatment will systemically positively influence cellular voltage and tune cells which have adopted different frequencies due to toxicity and other unhealthy influences, to the natural and high functioning 7.83.

Cells with adequate energy are able to control self-regulating mechanisms, healing, cellular protection, and regeneration. They are able to utilize nutrients to provide support for all biochemical processes required to sustain life. Ions within the cells are positively and negatively charged particles that create electro-magnetic pulses within the cell. The electro-magnetic pulses provide energy and information on how to function. PEMFs control flow of energy through cell membrane channels such as sodium, potassium and calcium. Without sufficient energy fields a cell cannot function well and becomes vulnerable. Low transmembrane voltage leads to symptoms, metabolic disorders, and disease.

The resting membrane potential of a neuron is about -70 mV (mV=millivolt) – this means that the inside of the neuron is 70 mV less than the outside. At rest, there are relatively more sodium ions outside the neuron and more potassium ions inside that neuron. When you increase electrons via PEMF treatment, you increase the resting potential. When ions are exposed to pulsating magnetic fields, they are influenced by the rhythm of the pulsation. The rest potential is proportional to the ion exchange occurring at the cell membrane. Ion exchange is responsible for oxygen utilization of the cell.

Neutrophils (white blood cells) spreading is strongly inhibited when pHi is at acidic values which is one means as to how cancer protects itself from treatment. Neutrophils release superoxide as they spread, which generates a burst of intracellular acid production. Since several functions of neutrophils are inhibited at an acidic pHi, the coordinated activation of pHi regulatory mechanisms is essential for sustained microbicidal activity. PEMF lowers acid pHi which helps activate and support neutrophil immune activity. Low oxygen, low pH and low cell voltage are all common in the occurrence of cancer as well as many other diseases and these are the fundamental focus points in successfully treating them.

Separating erythrocytes increase the surface real estate value of the cell which exposes the entire cell (not just the 10 – 30% of a stacked cell) to the oxygen and nutrients in the blood. Increasing the surface area of a cell is key in getting oxygen and nutrients into the cell and waste out. PEMF increases blood flow, cell voltage, oxygen levels, immune function through the spreading of neutrophils and other factors, increases alkalinity and creates an unfriendly energetic environment for cancer.

Every cell within your body produces electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by design. Every organ in the body produces its own signature bio-electromagnetic field (noted by the ancients as the chakra fields). Our bodies project their own signature magnetic field (the heart chakra being the strongest) and each and every cell in the body communicates with the others via electromagnetic frequencies. Your consciousness is a sum total of each of the fields produced by the cells. There is a cellular wisdom which is programmed by its divine design. When the toxins that prevent it from communicating with the geomagnetic fields which feed the flow of information as to how to operate in its environment are removed, and ample amounts of oxygen and nutrients are delivered, the cells are able to communicate the “information” from the environmental fields and have the “energy and tools” to heal and create a strong and vibrant body. Repair and replication is all a cell knows. Cells do not know how to die, it is their environment and loss of energy that kills them.

Energy is what animates life. Life is energy. When the electromagnetic activity of the body fades, life fades. When we increase electromagnetic energy, we increase life.

PEMF and EBOO therapies combined with the adjuvant therapies discussed in this article, are by far the most effective, humane and progressive treatment strategy one could follow.

A short list of the benefits of PEMF:

• Gut Health
• Improved mitochondria function – ATP production – more energy
• Sleep
• Eliminates pain and inflammation
• Improves nerve and tissue repair and replication – from cellular to organ systems
• Improves Immune system
• Increases energy and vitality
• Reverses aging and regular use with slow the aging process
• Improves the healing and cellular regeneration process
• Improves circulation and hearth health
• Improves Oxygen and circulation
• Alkalizes the body
• Improves cellular and neurotransmitter communication
• Promotes and assists detoxification
• Improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, particularly the brain which it is really needed as gut issues today are causing epidemic brain inflammation conditions which choke off oxygen and nutrition which causes advanced oxidative stress in the brain, causing neurons to die rapidly.
• Improves the brain’s ability to remove waste, also important for the same reasons above. When cellular waste is trapped in the brain cells, it will also cause rapid cell death.
• Improves neuroendocrine health systemically including hormone production and balance.
• Improves mental health by removing toxic waste from the neurons, reducing inflammation, improving neurotransmitter production via enhancing nutrient and oxygen delivery, calming adrenals, and improving neuroendocrine health resulting in more calming hormones such as cortisol and beta-endorphins.
• Stronger bones
• Enhanced release of beta-endorphins – pain relief
• Improves human growth hormone release (age reversing and expedites recovery from exercise and healing events)
• Promotes relaxation and stress reduction

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., Fractal Environmentalist
Medical Director, The Ozone Treatment Center
(877) 285-9266

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