7 Day Wellness Retreats

What Do You Experience During The Bioscantuary’s 7 Day Treatment Cycles?

An In-Depth Review of What You Experience During The 7 Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle – A True Comprehensive Hippocrates of Old Approach to Health & Vitality!

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What Do You Experience During The Bioscantuary’s 7 Day Treatment Cycles?

An In-Depth Review of What You Experience During The 7 Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle – A True Comprehensive Hippocrates of Old Approach to Health & Vitality!

Treatment Package:

The Next 7 Day Treatment Cycle Begins on the following dates:

March 23rd, ~ 28th, Sedona, Az
April 6th, ~ Lake Conroe, Texas

The Medicine & The Experience…
Treatments Included
  • 1 10 Pass
  • 7 HOCATT Ozone / Carbonic Acid Saunas
  • 6 NAD Brain Restorative Treatments
  • 12 NAD SubQ Injections
  • 3 Custom Vitamin & Mineral IVs
  • Brain Protective Phosphatidylcholine IVs
  • 3 IV Ultraviolet & IR Fiber Optic IVs
  • 2 Reiki Sessions
  • 2 Colonics
  • 5 PEMF CellWell Pulse Electric Magnetic Frequency Treatments
  • 5 Medical Grade Hydrogen Sessions
  • 5 Bioharmonics VIBE Bed
  • High Dose Antioxidant IVs
  • Organic Food & Superfood Nutritional Supplementation
  • Education / Lectures
  • Ongoing Targeted Nutritional Therapy Protocol
  • 30 Day Post Treatment Support
We Provide 7 Day Intensive Treatment Cycles That Will Radically Change Your Health For The Better! We have treated all of today’s epidemic diseases and metabolic disorders and either completely resolved them or achieved significant improvement and we teach you how to continue to progress toward your health goals when you leave until you achieve the health you seek.

The Biosanctuary is Where Cutting Edge Science & Ancient Medicine Meet It’s Not Just About Getting Well, It’s About Staying Well! Both The BioClear & NeuroClear Treatment Options Focus On Radically Boosting Immune Function and Gut & Lung Health in Addition to What You are Coming in For – We Do This Because We Care About Helping Our Clients Get Through the COVID Threat Healthy & Alive! The BioClear focuses on Biotoxin Illness & Metabolic.

Revitalize your life in a week! Dive into The Bioscantuary's 7-Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle. Experience health and vitality like never before. Ready for the change?

What You Can Expect During Your 7-Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle

Important Note: The most important aspect of this award winning treatment model to put first and foremost is that since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been focusing on your lung, gut and immune system in a hyper-focused way in addition to what you are coming in for! We have always practiced in a way that produces systemic excellent health of all organs and biochemical accuracy, however, we consider it a life and death consideration due to the threat that COVID posed for those with lung, gut and of course immune issues. However, many people do not know that they are all connected! (next article).

When you come for a 7-day treatment package at The Biosanctuary you can look forward to a radical health transformation.

This is because over these 7 transformational days we implement our advanced High Impact Biological Medicine Model to restore you to vibrant health through:
This approach corrects your gut flora; raises transmembrane voltage and oxygen uptake (VO2 uptake), eliminates inflammation in the lungs (COVID required focus) and systemically; and boosts the immune system. We focus on these fundamental aspects of health in addition to what you are coming in for because they are essential for any cure or correction of metabolic disorders!
This approach is everything that is needed to reduce oxidative stress – the underlying cause of all disease. When this underlying cause of all disease is eliminated, your body can begin to heal and resolve disease from the most basic, fundamental cause.

Proper Hydration

During your stay, you will enjoy plenty of clean rich mineral water developed on-site to ensure proper hydration. We reconstitute water at the clinic to resemble the mineral content of ancient river water which is what humans evolved on. This mineral rich water has the proper negative and positive ion charge which creates the intra/extra cellular difference of electronic potential to actually open the ion gates of the cells and allow water into the cells which actually hydrates you. Bottled and of course tap water does not do this because they are void of minerals. So most of the water you drink floats around in the plasma until you urinate, never really hydrating you and providing the minerals and energy for intracellular operations to work properly.
This creates an internal environment for disease as the cells become sluggish and begin to lose transmembrane voltage. They begin to slowly die and if they don’t have enough oxygen to create energy and other conditions prevent it, they will go into survival mode and create the enzyme that begins the aerobic glycolysis way of splitting sugars with is the impetus of all cancers.
Properly hydrating cells allows the intra cellular environment the opportunity to benefit from the 87 plus minerals in ancient river water to be used for healthy cellular function and allows the cell the means to remove waster This prevents oxidative stress and your cells can live a long and healthy life!
We will also teach you how to prepare your own reconstituted water with minerals – the way water is supposed to be and was intended by God and Nature.

Organic and Nutrient-Dense Nutrition

Every day of your stay at The Biosanctuary, you will enjoy a unique morning nutrition session.

At The Biosanctuary you don’t take pills or pharmaceuticals, your morning nutrition is a powerful combination of nutrients from raw, organic and natural sources.
Here is a quick summary:

If you would like to know more, you can watch a video here [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlgUSNR79Rk&feature=youtu.be] in which our Medical Director explains the morning nutrition in more detail.

And that is just the morning nutrition!

We provide a nutrient dense home-made nut milk smoothie in addition to your organic, earth sourced nutritional supplementation in the morning. Then you receive a fresh organic cold pressed juice and 4oz of fermented veggies no less than four hours later. In the evening you will enjoy 8oz of bone broth and another 4oz of fermented veggies. When you practice calorie reduction like this with organic, nutrient dense superfoods and nutritional support, you make your biochemical “soil” rich for the treatments we provide allowing for deeper penetration and more potent delivery! This is why each and every treatment we provide has superior medical and health promoting impact than any other clinic – anywhere!
With your body loaded with this super nutrient dense nutrition that is easily bio-available to your cells, you can just imagine how wonderful you will feel. Because we select our nutritional supplementation from ancient sources, you will be receiving that are completely void in today’s produce that we evolved on and still require which is why we are fundamentally compromised health wise as a species.


In our green & clean clinic, you are safe from toxic assault

At our clinic, you will find everything green and clean – from natural, non-toxic cleaning and hygiene supplies to organic, non-GMO and no pesticide foods and drinks. In fact, the Biosanctuary is a sanctuary where your body can enjoy a respite from the continuous toxic onslaught of modern life and a chance to recover from the constant oxidative stress that causes all diseases.
We also help you to thoroughly yet gently detox your system using the most advanced therapies. This includes starting each day with an infrared sauna to cleanse the blood and “bleed” the lymph; as well as 2 colon hydrotherapy sessions during your stay to help expel the toxins we are releasing from every organ down to every cell in your body. Many of our other advanced therapies and treatments also boost detoxification.

The Most Progressive & Medically Effective High Impact Adjuvant Therapies

In addition to the superior hydration, nutrition and detoxification you get here at the Biosanctuary during your 7-day healing event, you will also enjoy the most advanced and cutting-edge health treatments, described below, in a well-planned series daily over 8 hours that are selected to work synergistically with each other to boost healthy outcomes even more!
NAD is a Brain Function Restorative treatment which was proven by Harvard Medicine to literally reverse the age of the brain in subjects tested by two decades. It’s an excellent treatment for neurodegenerative disease.
NAD is rocket fuel for the energy producing organelle of every cell, the mitochondria, and adds more of these power plants to every cell of the body and brain. Mitochondria loss is a byproduct of age and your individual oxidative stress levels. This is the best longevity medicine available!
* Major Ozone Autohemotherapy is a profoundly beneficial medical therapy, it is an oxidative ozone treatment that is used kills all pathogens it comes in contact with radically reducing the “load” of these disease promoting micro-organisms such as cancer cells, lyme, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus.

Your Personalised Schedule

While there are many therapies and treatments to complete in the seven days, we put you on a schedule daily depending on your individual response to the previous day’s treatments. Our medical team is with you every step of the way from the time you arrive.
We do make sure you get all the treatments and therapies in your package, because they all work together synergistically to heal years of toxic assault and extreme bodily abuse – voluntary and involuntary.
Nevertheless, nothing is forced or rushed. We simply go at your individual pace, providing the next treatment that is best at the right time.
And there is even time for activities, fun and learning. Yes, we provide an education at the clinic while you are on IVs that will protect your investment.


The most rewarding return on your investment is not only leaving having radically shifted your bio-terrain toward a healthy one, resolving 60 to 90% of any disease or metabolic condition that you came in with, we provide an education on health, wellness, diet and the use of organic, ancient sourced nutritional supplementation that will not only aid meeting your goal of entirely resolving the health issues you come in with, but can literally put decades of vibrant years on your life and preclude you from ever experiencing a serious disease! We envision our “inner-circle” of patients “falling asleep to death” sometime past 100. The Hunza people live on average to 120 – 130! While we don’t live in such a pristine area as they do to avoid the involuntary toxic assault, we can still live vibrantly to well past 100 when we know how to truly treat our bodies right!
Our Medical Director, Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C. F.E. provides amazing and life-changing health educational lectures and documentaries during your treatment, teaching you how to protect yourself from the toxic onslaught of modern life and how to avoid the many invisible and little known toxic, health robbing chemicals in many unsuspecting sources including food, hygiene, make-up, food containers, cooking supplies, psychiatric drugs, OTC medications (Visine has lead in it- goes straight to the brain!), vaccinations, and many other modern day products – even conventional chocolate – lead!
No book, fad diet or doctor provides this information as they are all by-products of an incorrect narrative of 100 years of doctors and some scientists trying to improve on God & Nature and you can’t!

We teach you the ancient way that respects God, nature and your miracle body.

You also leave with an individualized Targeted Nutritional Therapy that addresses the health issues you came in with and once resolved, you revert to the foundational protocol provided that ensures top-shelf support for your body’s needs based on how it evolved and requires for optimum function!


There is much to do in beautiful Hill Country, Texas on Lake Travis where the Biosanctuary located just 30 minutes outside Austin, Texas. Surrounded by unspoilt nature, there is a huge park just a half mile away and a trail to get there across the street from the Mountain Star Lodge should you stay there which we recommend. There is the lake for sunsets, beautiful mountain drives in every direction, the Galleria where the movie theatre is open, huge ranch parks, rivers, waterfalls and swim holes.
The most priceless gem of this area is that people in Hill Country and nice, kind and pleasant. It’s a peaceful area. It’s a society of multi-generations of farmers and ranchers. We say “yes ma’am” and “sir” even when we disagree. Men still open doors for women here and we respect each other’s space. Neighbors know each other here and eat and play together. It’s a safe haven considering today’s unfortunate chaos taking over many cities and suburbs.
We also encourage activities such as journaling. We like to ask our patients to choose their top three stressors or worries on their first day and to write a short journal paragraph on each before their treatment begins.
After their treatment, we ask them to write another paragraph about these issues. This is so that patients can see for themselves the transformation they underwent during the seven days – not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually – moving from feeling utterly overwhelmed by problems to an energetic and solutions-orientated can-do attitude.

How Will You Feel While Undergoing Treatment?

Often, on the first three 3 days, our patients say they feel a bit like they hit quicksand as their bodies are working hard to detoxify.
Once the toxins begin to clear around day 4, they start feeling great – on a natural high.
Our Medical Director is a Master Biochemist and has been developing this award winning medical model – High Impact Biological Medicine – for 20 years, she knows how to pace you and take care of you to minimize any transitional symptoms or withdrawal from everything from carbs/sugar to psych drugs – rest assured, you’re in good hands!

How do I sign up?

To get enrolled in one of our once a month 7-Day High Impact Biological Medicine Treatment Cycles and radically shift from symptomatic, fatigued and life threatening to ecstatic health, simply click here to contact us… or call us on (877) 285.9266 to schedule a phone strategy consultation for your health goals.

Revitalize your life in a week! Dive into The Bioscantuary's 7-Day Radical Transformation Treatment Cycle. Experience health and vitality like never before. Ready for the change?

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