Genita Mason Awards

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Light Medicine Ministries\’ Medical Director, Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C. ~ Fractal Environmentalist

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Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., FE is a nutritional biochemist and licensed (ANMA) practitioner, specializing in Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation (ONR) which aims to remove the fundamental cause of disease and metabolic disorders in the biochemistry and then introduce all the building blocks necessary to repair and rejuvenate the body awakening the physician and pharmacist within which creates and sustains a total healing event.

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., is the Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Award and most recently September 6th, 2014, the High Achievement Award from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She is the author of 4 books on the topic of Environmental Toxicology & Non Toxic, Non Invasive and Non Addictive Healing, is published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and has medical and celebrity endorsements spanning two decades of service.

Based on intensive research and experience as a Biological Medicine Health Care Practitioner, Genita created the intensive and comprehensive “High Impact Biological Medicine\” medical model and serves as the Medical Director of The BioSanctuary & Hill Country 03 Spa, where this medical treatment model is practiced.

Genita M. Mason Continues to Lead in the Field of Holistic Cutting Edge Medical Practices by Developing the Most Effective Comprehensive Evidence-Based Biological Medical Model of Today…


A Champion of Biological Medicine – Providing Solutions That Are Non-Invasive, Non-Addictive & Non-Toxic

Medical Director, Radio, Books, TV, Documentaries, Lectures, Videos, Medical Model Progenitor, Print, Political Activism = Lives Reclaimed and Family’s Healed

Click the picture below for a very moving acceptance speech for at the awards ceremony celebrating her work


“When your work is an outpouring of your spiritual, ethical, family, food, medicine, and environmental core values – your heart is your office” Genita M. Mason




* 2014 American Naturopathic Medical Association’s ‘High Achievement’ Award.
* 2010 ‘Human Rights Award’ for the High Impact Biological Medicine “Green Body & Mind Medical Model” she developed which practices the best of Functional Medicine for a long list of today’s epidemic physical and mental diseases and metabolic disorders such as addiction.

It’s not Allopathic, it’s not Naturopathic; It’s High Impact Biological Medicine…

There’s a difference

Mathew, Before & After One Month of Treatment


Professional Accomplishments

  • Founder & Medical Director, The BioSanctuary ~ A High Impact Biological Medicine Clinic & Retreat in the Santa Monica Mountain near Malibu, CA. Dietary & Environmental Body Burden Detoxification & Environmental Medicine Clinic~ Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration (OBR) 877.285.9266 All Conditions Treated ~ Specializing in Detoxification, Sustainability, CORE Values, Green Living, Expression & Creative Indulgence, Ancient Traditions, Exploration of the Authentic Self, Fractal Environmentalism.

  • Medical Director, ~ Drug / Alcohol Detoxification and Psychiatric Drug Tapers ~ Orthomolecular Bio & Neurochemical Restoration

  • Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Award for the Green Mental Health Care Medical Model ~ a non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-addictive solution to today’s epidemic mental health conditions

  • Recipient of the 2014 High Achievement Award from the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

  • Author, Green Mental Health Care ~ How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

  • Producer / Promoter, Green Mental Health Care Day

  • President, Green Body & Mind (non-profit)

  • Published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Contributing Writer for Veritas Health Magazine – Topic: effects of dietary and environmental toxicity on mental & physical health & solutions for staying healthy in a toxic world.

  • Medical and Celebrity Endorsements

  • Radio / TV – many interviews on High Impact Biological Medicine for Addictive Biochemistry & Other Conditions

  • Public Speaker, Lecturer on High Impact Biological Medicine, and Body, Mind & Global Environmentalism



High Impact Biological Medicine for Alcohol Addiction

High Impact Biological Medicine for Alcohol Addiction The Biochemical Connection- It’s Cause & Cure. (Foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer MD, PhD) – An Orthomolecular Comprehensive Treatment Model that cures the underlying physiological causes of alcohol addiction.


Food for Humans

Food for Humans The Biosanctuary’s detox book of recipes. ~ a compilation of the BioSanctuary’s detoxification meal recipes. Gluten, sugar, meat, dairy and processed food free. Includes juices for specific conditions and instructions on how to green your kitchen.


The SIBO Edition of Food for Humans “A Gut Feeling”

The SIBO Edition of Food for Humans “A Gut Feeling” – a book of recipes for eliminating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth to achieve many condition specific healing events.


Green Mental Health Care, How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs is a free pamphlet for those wishing to free themselves from the prison of legal drug addiction by helping them manage their doctors to obtain the required information to learn what is going on in the physical neuroendocrine system that is the root cause of thier mental distress. This pamphlet is ideal for those that can not afford expensive rehabilitation facilities and has been free since the Sandy Hook massacre by yet another person on psychiatric drugs- the link between psychiatric drugs and school \”fishbowl\” massacres is 100%.


Next Book

\”Light Transfer Medicine for Surviving the Shift\”

In addition, she has many articles published in medical science publications, such as the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, and in health and lifestyle consumer magazines such as Well Being Journal.

Genita is also a dynamic educator and speaker and has appeared in three documentaries and on numerous radio shows, sharing her expertise on evidence-based holistic alternative therapies and treatments.

Highlights of High Impact Biological Medicine

  • Diagnostics – lab tests to find the root cause of disease and adverse metabolic conditions.

  • Strategy – based on clinical findings and lab results, a comprehensive corrective analysis is performed and HIBM strategy provided to address all findings and deliver the person to Total Body & Mind Wellness.

  • Intensive Clinically Assisted Detoxification

  • Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration – Nutritional and Environmental Fortification (targeted nutritional therapy using ancient biologically available nutrients, supportive environment, heart-based healing – the heart is 9 times as powerful as the brain in EMF output which all cells of the body respond to every second of the day)

  • High Impact Biological Therapies evidenced to resolve the patient’s condition.

This strategy results in Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration focused on returning your body ecology to the “divine design” where healing is a natural product of biochemical events.

High Profile Medical Professionals

Endorse Genita M. Mason

“Genita Mason is considered by many of her colleagues as the best in her field” Lyle Murphy, Founder & Director


Professional Reference Statement by
Lyle Murphy
Founder and Director

In the domain of environmental medicine and holistic healing, we are all on a very steep learning curve. Genita Mason is on top of the curve. She has taken the highest available environmental science and applied it to a patient population successfully. She understands the fundamental tenants of human physiology, biochemical pathways, and environmental health in a way that allows her to develop new strategies. I run the largest residentially licensed, alternative mental health organization in the country. We employ over 40 professionals including doctors, clinical psychologists, behavioral health specialists and holistic health practitioners. Our focus is the reduction and elimination of psychiatric medications in favor of holistic health.

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult population for which no other interventions have succeeded. Genita helped me develop this model, particularly embracing the notion that most of these symptomatic patients were to varying degrees toxic, and that was the underlying cause of their condition and reason they couldn’t get well. Once we began focusing on detoxification science and neurotoxicity, our successes were astounding. I was so impressed that I went on personally to obtain a post-doctoral certificate in environmental medicine. And still, with my education and eight years of working full time with a resident population, Genita is one of few persons that has remained impressively ahead of me in the research and application of new modalities. She even wordsmiths very apt vernaculars to describe physiological phenomenon, adding definition to an ever-growing field. Additionally, she has a strong work ethic and impeccable follow thru.

Should you need any further information, feel free to call the number below.

Lyle Murphy
Alternative to Meds Center
(510) 355-7195

Professional Endorsements


Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D.


For the past fifty years I have been a psychiatrist, Director of Psychiatric Research and Professor for many years and I have observed keenly what has happened to this field and psychiatric patients from the days when the major treatment for the serious mentally ill was incarceration; in prison like buildings to today when the main treatment is incarceration of the brain with highly toxic antipsychotics. Patients need to be liberated from both forms of pseudo treatment. Between 1950 and 1960 we suffered from psychoanalysis. For the next decade from uncertainty and since then from toxic psychiatry. I have concluded that modern psychiatry is a failure and that in many cases we did a better job in 1950 than is being done today. At the same time, by 1960 we in Saskatchewan had started major research into treatment that is now known as orthomolecular which depends much more on natural nutrients than on drugs. But not being patentable the billions made from selling useless drugs overwhelms the smaller amounts smaller companies can make by vitamins. I can not summarize the massive evidence here. They will be available in my new book called Schizophrenia, Yesterday (1950) and Today (2007), From Despair to Hope With Orthomolecular Psychiatry. Trafford, Victoria. 2008

Big Pharma will never do any research in this new field and when a person or clinic shows as much interest as does Miss Mason it is very important that the rest of us do what we can to support the enterprise.



Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D.

RE: Genita M. Mason and her book, Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure – excerpts from the foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D.
…In this book, Ms. Mason describes in careful detail how these essential nutrients play a role in the cause and the treatment of alcohol addiction. Further, Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure enlightens the reader by clearly demonstrating that alcohol addiction is truly, at its core, a Nutrient Deficiency Disorder, and provides a fascinating account of how to properly treat it. It provides the course of action that must be taken to cure an orchestra of the malaise created by one or more defective musicians. The results are immensely superior to those that depend upon psychosocial methods alone…

The education you will find in Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure, and hopefully, the successful treatment that you will embark upon, is that there are underlying nutritional deficiencies that create the symptoms that you use alcohol to relieve, which leads to alcohol dependency. Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure exposes these deficiencies while providing a proven dietary and nutritional supplement program that reduces or eliminates these symptoms. This method of approaching NDD, or alcohol dependency, diminishes the likelihood of relapse with the degree of health and balanced brain chemistry that is achieved with your treatment. When the symptoms are gone, so is the craving or need for alcohol.


Joan Mathews-Larson Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Health Recovery Center

Alcoholism, The Cause and the Cure defines the REAL underlying causation of alcoholism and provides concise scientific tools to halt cravings and repair the emotional/physical damage that this disease inflicts on its victims. Without such repair those with alcoholic chemistry are dying about 18 years sooner than non-alcoholics, whether or not these alcoholics have stopped drinking! This work is a handbook of 21st century solutions.


Dr. Andrew Saul
Author, Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing that Works
Contributing Editor for the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

“After 30 years as a health science lecturer and having worked individually with many alcoholics, there is no doubt in my mind that nutrition is the best tool there is to fight drinking. With its emphasis on body-strengthening nutritional physiology, rather than medication or feel-good talk psychology, Alcoholism: The Cause and the Cure (Genita M. Mason)  presents a way out for people who have fallen through the cracks in our society’s inadequate, obsolete and pharmaphilic (drug based) approach to alcoholism.”


Gwen Olsen
“Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher”
[email protected]

Hundreds of people have contacted me in the past three years desperate to find assistance in getting off of psychiatric drugs and alternative, holistic care. My introduction to Genita Mason and the board of Green Body and Mind has given me hope that there can be a green model of holistic mental health care where people can go to find true recovery, and other communities can look to it as a role model, as well as hope that there can be a place where patient’s lives are reclaimed not destroyed!

The caliber of professionals that Ms. Mason has assembled to support this effort is not only impressive but speaks to the urgent need for these facilities and services. We are all experts and holistic opinion leaders on the front lines of this issue and aware of the current limitation of resources available to those in need. Psychiatry offers no hope for the future. Through orthomolecular recovery both the field of mental health and patient’s lives can be forever changed! I most heartily encourage your support.

Lyle Murphy
Alternative to Meds Center
Sedona, Arizona

Genita Mason is one of the most passionate and gifted individuals within the field of addiction and recovery. There is a select group of pioneers who have been addressing addictive biochemistry by attempting to balance chemistry and neurochemistry by natural means and she stands at the top of the profession in her understanding of how to do this.

Knowing most all of the players involved within this movement, I believe her methods are truly effective and cutting edge. I defer to her authority frequently with complicated cases, and my background includes eight years worth of chiropractic education, plus participation in a diplomat in neurology program.

She is certainly worth support as this bright lady truly possesses the strength and courage to change the world in a positive way.


Amy Philo
Mother and Zoloft Survivor

The need for programs like Green Body and Mind and for the contributions from practitioners who truly have the best interests of their clients at heart is beyond urgent. If every community in this country had 10 fewer pharmacies and even one clinic that did the same type of work that Green Body and Mind and Genita Mason are doing, many innocent babies and children would never have to die by their mothers’ or fathers’ hands because of totally ineffective and completely mind altering, psychosis-inducing drugs that are the mainstay of treatment for mental distress in our deluded country. I only wish that every new mother could experience the same peace that I have experienced following the birth of my second baby. The birth of my first baby was ruined with labor drugs, then followed by administration of Zoloft for anxiety following the near death of my baby, and the first five months of my son’s life I suffered through suicidal and homicidal urges caused by Zoloft. When women become mothers and children enter the world they need to be supported emotionally as well as physically, and any time a nutritional deficiency develops it cannot and must not be addressed with drugs proven to cause suicide, homicide, birth defects and spontaneous abortions. To not approve the maximum possible funding or sponsorship of Green Body and Mind would be like shooting yourself in the foot because your community will be affected if nothing is done to fix the problem with drug abuse (via prescription drugs and otherwise) that exists there. It could be you who gets killed at the next mass shooting by a drug-crazed maniac at a local church, mall, or restaurant. Let’s take the only sensible approach that exists and treat people with the dignity they deserve and with treatment modalities that not only work but that have absolutely no potential to cause harm. I wish you and your community the best.


Carla Moxon
Director of Field Activities
CCHR International

The California Department of Mental Health Medical Evaluation Field Manual states: “Mental health professionals working within a mental health system have a professional and a legal obligation to recognize the presence of physical disease in their patients…physical diseases may cause a patient’s mental disorder [or] may worsen a mental disorder.…”

This stems from Senate Bill 929, which, in 1982, established a pilot project to provide medical evaluation of patients in public psychiatric hospitals that found that many patients had a physical disease that had been undiagnosed or incorrectly diagnosed by mental health professionals.

That is why it is vital that programs such as Genita Mason’s “Green Body and Green Mind” be established and supported to offer the least restrictive and safe alternative to unnecessary and potentially damaging psychiatric drugs and treatment. Such clinics are also in the interests of “informed consent” so that people can make informed decisions about their health or mental health care needs. Ms. Mason offers a program that searches for and addresses the cause of a person’s problem, not just a mere explanation of its symptoms.
Citizens Commission on Human Rights, of which Ms. Mason is a Commissioner (volunteer advisor) has been recognized by the California State Assembly for its “long-standing work” and contributions “to the local, national and international areas on behalf of mental health issues…and reflect an organization devoted to the highest ideals of mental health services.” (The Hon. Ray Haynes, Resolution)


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