The Benefits Of Ibogaine Therapy

nutriceuticalsWhy you need Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine Therapy is known worldwide for assisting people to break addictions – even the toughest addiction to heroin – by entirely eliminating withdrawal in just one session and terminating all cravings thereafter for up to six months.

Ibogaine blocks cravings for alcohol, nicotine and opiate drugs, including heroin, suboxone and methadone, in just one 18-hour treatment by blocking the NMDA receptor that causes the first intense and then protracted withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms make it nearly impossible to remain off the drug and could, in certain cases, be life-threatening.

Ibogaine Therapy eliminates the need to fight withdrawal symptoms which can last for years depending on the length of substance use, and instead provides your body with time and opportunity to heal and to produce your own beta-endorphins (internally-produced opiates) again.

However, Ibogaine Therapy in isolation is not a sustainable health solution. While the elimination of withdrawal symptoms will greatly ease your journey to health after an addiction, you also need to heal your body from the damage caused by the drugs and prime your system to produce again its own beta-endorphins: your internally produced opiates.

How Ibogaine works

Ibogaine essentially blocks glutamate from activating the root cause of withdrawal symptoms.

A N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (also known as a NMDA receptor or NMDAR) is a specific type of ionotropic glutamate receptor in nerve cells. NMDARs are very important for controlling synaptic plasticity and memory function.

The NMDAR is activated when glutamate and glycine binds to it. When glutamate is expressed via its NMDAR, it is excitatory, causing the well-known and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms associated with the discontinuance of alcohol and legal and illegal opiate drug use.

Ibogaine is an NMDA receptor (NMDAR) antagonist. It blocks glutamate from being able to activate the glutamate NMDARs, which are the root cause of withdrawal symptoms.

During chronic use of parasympathetic enhancing drugs such as alcohol, benzos and opiates, healthy glutamate expression via the NMDA receptors is blocked. As a result, glutamate builds up in the brain.

This happens for various reasons, including that glutamate is needed in other areas to keep you alive, while over expressing the inhibitory system so your central nervous system (CNS) doesn’t shut down.
When the use of the inhibitory enhancing drug is discontinued, the NMDARs will upregulate from their downregulated state.

Downregulation is the body’s way of protecting itself from too much of something – a mechanism of tolerance. When you flood endorphins into your system with a drug, your body will also downregulate your natural opiate receptors and dramatically reduce the production of beta-endorphins (internally produced opiates). This is why it takes more and more of a drug to achieve the same “high” over prolonged periods of use, because the available receptors need to be more and more saturated.

Downregulation is a survival mechanism because too much inhibition will cause overdose – you fall asleep to death. In fact, this is the primary cause of death in opiate drug cases: too much inhibitory effect on the nervous system and not enough glutamate expression to keep the sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems going (CNS).

On the NMDAR, glutamate rises in an attempt to offset the unbalanced (out of homeostasis) effect of the drug. However; being blocked, the glutamate does not have access to the NMDAR until the drug is discontinued for 7 to 12 hours (depending on the type of drug), hence the onset of withdrawal symptoms.

When you discontinue use of an opiate drug, the accumulation of glutamate in the brain hammers on the NMDAR because its cellular expression through its normal channels is being blocked. The NMDARs will upregulate, offering more receptor “real estate” for the glutamate to hammer on in the withdrawal phase.

NMDARs do this to try and create more access for the subunit NMDARs that are asking for more of the inhibitory drug. In doing so, they create more access for the excitatory glutamate subunits. Since the inhibitory drug has been discontinued causing withdrawal, the upregulated glutamate receptors combined with the excess glutamate in the brain condition creates over-excitatory symptoms such as tremors, cramps, cravings, anxiety, panic, insomnia, DTs, and even seizures that can result in death.

Ibogaine stops these withdrawal symptoms in just one 18-hour treatment by blocking the NMDA receptors. This eliminates the first intense – even life threatening – withdrawal symptoms and then the protracted withdrawal symptoms which makes it nearly impossible to stay off the drug, no matter how much will power you have.

Please contact us for our clinical scientific research and reporting papers for a deeper understanding of the NMDAR relationship to addiction, and how Ibogaine eliminates these withdrawal symptoms.

Health Benefits of Ibogaine Therapy

– Gentle and humane treatment for drug withdrawal symptoms
– Quick acting – blocks cravings in just one 18-hour treatment
– Prevents withdrawal seizures that can result in death
– Highly effective – terminates all cravings for up to six months
– Eliminates the need to fight withdrawal symptoms for years
– Provides the body with time and opportunity to heal
– Assists in re-establishing production of the body’s own beta–endorphins (internally produced opiates)

Conditions addressed by Ibogaine Therapy

– Withdrawal symptoms including tremors, cramps, cravings, anxiety, panic, insomnia, DTs
– Alcohol addiction
– Nicotine addiction
– Legal and illegal opiate drug addiction
– Heroin, suboxone or methadone addiction


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