IV Chelation Therapy

\"chelation\"IV Chelation Therapy

A process aligned with nature, IV Chelation Therapy is the most effective way to remove toxic metals from your body, immediately relieving oxidative stress on the body, and rapidly improving the functioning of all organs and tissues.


What is IV Chelation Therapy?

IV Chelation Therapy is a process in which specific chelators (chemicals that bind with minerals) are delivered into the bloodstream via IV to bind with toxic metals in the body, enabling these toxic metals to be removed.

These toxic metals include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum. The accumulation of these toxins impose dangerous systemic levels of oxidative stress on the body, which negatively affects all organs and tissues. The accumulation of these toxins are linked to a range of symptoms and diseases, ranging from autism and cancer to Alzheimer\’s and Parkinson\’s. It can also cause anxiety and depression, a range of metabolic disorders and diseases and a long list of symptoms.

IV Chelation Therapy is a process aligned with nature. The chelation process is frequently found in nature. For example, many vitamins have chelating properties and certain plant sources also aid in removing toxic metals from the body. However, none of the oral applications are as effective as IV Chelation Therapy for removing toxic metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum and barium.


Health Benefits of IV Chelation Therapy

\"tick\" Highly effective for removing toxic metals from the body
\"tick\" Rapidly reduces oxidative stress on the body
\"tick\" Improves the functioning of all organs and tissues


Conditions addressed by IV Chelation Therapy

\"tick\" Autism
\"tick\" Cancer
\"tick\" Alzheimer\’s
\"tick\" Parkinson\’s
\"tick\" Anxiety
\"tick\" Depression
\"tick\" Metabolic disorders and diseases



At The BioSanctuary, the precise bio-accumulation of toxic metals in your body are determined through advanced laboratory tests. Based on the test results, specific chelators are chosen for each toxic substance. However, the administration of these chelators via IV in isolation is not sufficient, because the byproducts of chelation must be removed efficiently from the body to prevent damage to the liver, brain, gut and kidneys.


\”This is why Chelation IV Therapy is delivered as part of a comprehensive protocol of healing therapies custom-designed for you at The BioSanctuary. Our treatment model reduces the number of Chelation IV Therapy sessions from the usual 20 – 30 sessions to just 6 highly potent IV sessions, which are complemented by further high-impact therapies. In six sessions, our therapy protocols will clear the toxic metals in your body to non-detectable levels. This enhances and magnifies your healing results, while also providing excellent value for money.\”

We invite you to The BioSanctuary to:
* Scientifically determine the exact root cause of your symptoms or diagnosis
* Receive a personalised 3, 7 or 10-day healing protocol of highly specialised, cutting-edge therapies
* Enjoy your treatments in a supportive, tranquil sanctuary in the capable hands of our highly specialised team of holistic health practitioners
For a friendly, no-obligation analysis of your symptoms and a recommendation for the best treatment protocol to reach your health goals, please contact us below.

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