Addictive BioChemistry Detoxification & Metabolic Correction Delivers True Recovery

Addictive Biochemistry Detoxification & Metabolic Correction Delivers True Recovery


Those with the genetic biological influences known to encourage addiction to substances that the majority of the population enjoys in moderation are known to possess addictive biochemistry. This biological tendency is caused by an inborn deficient neuroendocrine system, rooted in imbalanced gut flora making proper nutritional status, energy production, and blood sugar regulation impossible. The resulting biochemistry produces an imbalanced brain chemistry, which then provides a ‘short cut’ to dependence on any drug that relieves the psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms caused by not being “naturally-medicated” due to a deficiency in key neurotransmitters and hormones required for healthy states of mind and physical comfort.

There are many known contributors to an inherent potential for biochemical imbalance. However, these biochemical abnormalities are easily fixed given the right environment. Because there are inherent conditions that you can be born with such as a compromised or malfunctioning neuroendocrine system that can produce addictive biochemistry, this does not mean that a gene is responsible for them. Genes are nothing but a blue print that the cellular environment uses to make more parts (proteins) as needed to maintain homeostasis, replicate, and survive in its environment. Genes can only express what the environment asks of them. It is a molecular chain of events whereas a signal from the environment will trigger a receptor protein on the cell, which then passes this information to an effector protein, which then encodes the regulating proteins with information they use to decide what genes to unsleeve and read from. Based on the information provided to the regulating proteins from the environment via the receptor-G- protein-effector communication pathway, only that which the cell determines from the information provided by the environment will be read from genes to produce what the environment through the cell has determined necessary to facilitate the biochemical functions required for that cell to survive in that particular environment.

In The Biology of Belief by Molecular Biologist, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., he writes:
“Defects in the gene programs, mutations, may profoundly impair the quality of life in those possessing them. It is important to note that the lives of less than 5% of the population are impacted by defective genes. These individuals express genetically-propagated birth defects, whether they are manifest at birth or appear later in life.

The significance of this data is that more than 95% of the population came into this world with an intact genome, one that would code for a healthy and fit existence. While science has focused its efforts at assessing the role of genes by studying the %5 of the population with defective genes, it has not made much progress as to why the majority of the population, which possesses a fit genome, acquires dysfunction and disease. We simply can not “blame” their
reality on the genes (nature).”2

Alcoholism is not a result of defective genes and the proteins they build- that is why there will never be such a thing as an alcoholic gene. Alcoholism is a result of the cellular environment being drastically changed by the chronic invasion of a chemical that it must either learn how to accommodate for (adapt to) or die. While trying to adapt and at the same time responsible for repair and replication, the cells’ resources are drained which makes it impossible for them to function and healthfully co-exist with their natural environment which will translate into many ill-health conditions including addiction- or maladaptation. The key to curing addiction is providing an optimum cellular environment which provides genes and proteins the signals they need to produce healthy bioenergetics, not addiction.

Health is entirely dependent on providing cells the environment they have learned to thrive in over 3 million years; the nutrient rich, natural environment where the
energy forces of health can penetrate and dictate cellular bioenergetics. Human cells have adapted to the characteristics of what nature provides in its environment in order to survive, you can not denature your environment and expect to be healthy; you can not separate humans from nature, we need nature to survive.

Health is really all about providing the cells of the body the most agreeable environment for them to adapt to which just so happens to be the most nutritive environment containing only those things it requires to produce energy, repair itself, and build new cells.

The absolute king of engaging the potential for addiction is the consumption of industrialized, denatured, and processed foods that constitutes more than 95% of what is at the supermarket. These “foods” are barely recognized by the body and are adulterated with sugars, toxins, hydrogenated fats, sympathetic nervous system stimulants (neurotoxins/excitotoxins), and foods so processed that there really isn’t any nutrition in the product anymore. These so- called foods cause malnutrition and damage the delicate workings of the HPA axis in similar ways as alcohol toxicity.

Excessive dietary sugars, OTC, prescription, and street drugs, malnutrition, disease, and environmental toxins (especially acetaldehyde) can create a deficiency of neurotransmitters and imbalance or even damage the neuroendocrine system. This imbalance creates an immediate requirement for restoration and rebalancing of neurotransmitter levels before illness and disease have a chance to develop. Alcoholism is extremely responsive to neurotransmitter repletion since their deficiencies and imbalances give life to the symptoms and addiction. Address this and you are addressing the very root of alcohol addiction.

Everyone needs a healthy supply of key neurotransmitters and hormones to protect them from physical, mental, and emotional pain or discomfort. However, not all of us are born with a system capable of adequately produce them, and when alcohol or other substances are introduced they can, for a short period of time, medicate and relieve the symptoms that neurotransmitter deficiencies cause. This often leads to dependence and then health problems, because drugs and alcohol are toxic and will take their toll on the mind and body as they further disrupt a biochemistry that was already naturally compromised.

The genetic potential for addictive biochemistry has early signs and, if properly addressed, can be successfully managed, healed, and avoided. Just because you have addictive biochemistry does not mean that you have to live with a disease for the rest of your life or that you can’t change it – you can.

Addictive biochemistry (not addiction) can be inherited, but it can also be achieved by a prolonged unhealthy lifestyle involving bad diets, drugs, stress, and over exposure to exogenous (environmental pollutants) and endogenous (internally produced) toxins. Any of these conditions will cause your neuroendocrine system to become deficient and unable to sufficiently medicate the mind and body, which will produce identical symptoms to those suffered by people with inherited addictive biochemistry. The terms ‘earned’ or ‘acquired’ addictive biochemistry refer to these imbalanced metabolisms caused by prolonged use of toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs, (OTC, prescription, and street), food additives, and excess refined simple sugars that have damaged the body and mind to such a degree that a once- healthy biochemistry is no longer able to naturally “medicate” the body.

Addiction to any drug is the result of a person seeking homeostasis (to feel good inside their own skin) because their body can not longer mediate the symptoms they suffer and no talk therapy will ever address the root cause of those symptoms.

Addictive biochemistry is the precursor to addiction and should be looked monitored and corrected in children seeking sugar and excitotoxins in food and drink. Also, there is a better than 99% chance they will seek illegal drugs if they are put on psych drugs as you are teaching them to choose drugs to solve behavior, performance, or any other king of health issue.

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