The BioSanctuary Medical Director, Genita M Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E. is a two-time award-winning health practitioner of High Impact Biological Medicine for more than 15 years.


High Impact Biological Medicine Utilizes Only The Most Progressive, Evidence-Based Healing & Health Rejuvenation Therapies

Regardless of your current health, you can learn the techniques of “Lifestyle as the Cure” while benefitting from the most advanced applications of Ozone Autohemotherapy & Insufflations, Targeted Nutritional Therapy in both IV & Oral delivery, Colonics, Organic Fermented Foods & Juices in a Detox Program, Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy and many more in an intense 10 Day Program that launches you into health and freedom.

Imagine feeling great every morning, leaping out of bed full of energy and vitality…

Imagine going about your day, feeling calm, capable and focused…

Imagine having ample “go!” all day, your body light, strong and pain-free…


“Your Natural Health and Vibrant Energy Re-Awakened,
with the Most Effective, Cutting-Edge Therapies,
Aligned With Nature and Supported By Science:
this is what you will find at The BioSanctuary”

It is a sanctuary for your body, mind and spirit to rejuvenate in a specialised natural boutique environment, at which our highly trained health specialists will scientifically determine the exact root cause of your symptoms; create a personalised healing protocol of advanced, cutting-edge therapies and professionally provide your treatment package in a supportive, tranquil sanctuary.

We invite you to The BioSanctuary to:

tick Scientifically determine the exact root cause of your symptoms or diagnosis

tick Receive a personalised 3, 7 or 10-day healing treatment protocol of highly specialised, cutting-edge therapies

tick Enjoy your treatment package in a supportive, tranquil sanctuary in the capable hands of our highly specialised team of holistic health practitioners

Why choose The BioSanctuary?

tick Individualised treatment: Based on an advanced, comprehensive lab tests to determine the exact cause of your symptoms, our expert holistic health practitioners will tailor-make the most potent treatment protocol specifically for you
tick Advanced therapies: All our therapies are aligned with nature and supported by science, providing gentle, 100% safe and natural treatments that are scientifically proven to deliver excellent results
tick Rapid and radical results: We specialise in providing the most advanced, cutting-edge therapies that delivers rapid results and radical improvements in your health and well-being
tick Superb value for money: By opting for a scientifically-established healing therapy package designed for you, you receive more therapies, get more healing benefits and achieve better results than is possible with any individual stand-alone standard one-size-fits-all therapy. Our treatment packages offer, on average, a 30% saving on the market value of individual therapies included

Our Specialised Therapies: Aligned with Nature; Supported by Science


NAD Therapy

NADSA Harvard-proven biological medicine treatment, NAD therapy is the crown jewel of detox, rapid cleanse and restoration therapies, immediately and radically repairing cellular damage and reversing ageing in your brain and body.

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Colon Hydro Therapy

ColonHydroThe ultimate detox therapy that can eliminate up to 13 pounds of toxic waste from your body in a few relaxing, gentle sessions, immediately delivering immense improvement in your health and well-being.


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Ozone Therapy

OzoneInwaterSPotently eradicating pathogens, bacteria, mold, fungi and yeast on contact, ozone powerfully yet naturally cleans your blood and tissues and breaks down fats, while oxygenating and delivering nutrients to every cell, for immediate improvement in every biological process.

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IV Chelation Therapy

chelationsA process aligned with nature, IV Chelation Therapy is the most effective way to remove toxic metals from your body, immediately relieving oxidative stress on the body, and rapidly improving the functioning of all organs and tissues in the body.

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HumanCellSAutohemotherapy delivers the potent extracellular and intracellular cleansing and detoxing power of ozone directly into your bloodstream, eradicating on contact all pathogens, bacteria, mold, fungi and yeast, while oxygenating and feeding your cells.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Therapy
HeartFieldSPulsed Electro-magnetic Therapy is an extremely beneficial treatment that literally ‘tunes up’ your bioenergetics and ‘recharges’ your cells with electromagnetic energy, the source energy for all life and organisms.

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NutriceuticalsS Ibogaine Therapy is known worldwide for assisting people to break addictions to even the toughest drugs like heroin, by entirely eliminating withdrawal in just one session and terminating all cravings thereafter for up to six months.

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Targeted Nutritional IV (Myer’s Cocktail)

VitaminsThe precise nutriceuticals – the exact amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body needs to repair damage and function optimally – are scientifically established through your advanced lab tests and then delivered directly to your cells via IV.
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We invite you to The Biosanctuary to:

tick Scientifically determine the exact root cause of your symptoms
tick Receive a personalised 3, 7 or 10-day healing protocol of highly specialised, cutting-edge therapies

tick Enjoy your treatment package in a supportive, tranquil sanctuary in the capable hands of our highly specialised team of holistic health practitioners

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